Diploma In French Language Proficiency

 Canadian/UK/USA immigrants as an additional qualification to a First degree, and for bilingual purpose, Canada is a bilingual country (English and French);
 Work-class professionals, academic researchers, academic grant seekers, graduate students, current and prospective employees of multi-national and foreign organization, government parastatals and civil servants who need some level of knowledge of a foreign language in their operations to scale up their professionalism;
 Military and Paramilitary personnel of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force, Customs, Immigration, Police etc.
 Tourism and Hospitality professionals.
 Prospective travelers to Francophone countries for business and educational purposes;
 Workers who may wish to move their careers to the next level for international feasibility and connections;
 Undergraduates and Secondary School Students who may be at crossroads with their French Language learning in schools; etc.
 Serves as an additional qualification for immigration purpose (Canada/UK/USA);
 Programme evaluation equates a One-year Canadian/American degree equivalence;
 Acceptable for evaluation by WES, ICAN etc., and other evaluation bodies for immigration purpose;
 Proficiency in French Language in less than one year;
 Learning from the comfort of your home (e-Engagement);
 Free WIFI during the physical engagement;
 A compulsory Language Immersion Field Trip to a Francophone country for four (4) weeks with free WIFI in the school and in the Hostel;
 Two (2) certificates after successful completion of the programme (A UNILAG Certificate and an Attestation from the institution in the Francophone country)
 Minimum of three (3) credit passes in WASSC/SSSCE/NECO/ G.C.E. O/Level subjects with or without French Language or its equivalent at not more than two (2) sittings. (Candidates need not have done French Language at SSSCE level though knowledge in it is an added advantage).
 Mature candidate of 30 years of age and above with lower qualifications and interest to learn French Language.
DURATION: One academic session, (Two Semesters, 9 months.)
TIME: The programme runs on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm only. (A hybrid of Virtual, Physical and Blended modes).
DOMICILED Department: Department of Arts Education, Faculty of Education. Contact the Programme Coordinator - +2348035034513

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