Social Sciences

Mass Communication

Programme Title
Professional Diploma in Strategic Public Relations , Logistics & Protocols Management

Course Duration

Lecture Hours

Target Audience
• Executives in Public Relations , Travel Agencies protocols and Passage in Private airlines, NGOs and Public Organisation. • Employers in Protocols Logic , Travel departments in Embassies, Military and paramilitary organisations, religions organisation, Higher Institution Political Parties, e.t.c

Entry Requirement
• Holders of recognised Diploma , NCE Advance Diploma in relevant disciplines HND,/ Bachelor Degree/Final Professional holders from recognised Institutes. • Executives in Public Relations , Advertising , Event , Protocols, Passages and related fields with minimum of 5 O level credit passes including English and Mathematics and are over 30yrs of age . • Owners of hot shops in Integrated marketing communications related field with at least ‘O level certificate with 5 Credit passes including English and Mathematics

Course Content
PPM  101                                Introduction to integrated Marketing Communications
PPM 102                                 Mass Communication &  Society
PPM 103                                 Fundamentals of Public Relations
PPM 104                                 Protocols Operations Insight
PPM 105                                Fundamental of Business and Development Communications
PPM 106                                 Creative Writing & Presentation Skills
PPM 107                                 Branding & Advertising Solution
PPM 108                                 Management & Organisational Leadership
PPM 109                                 Seminar/ Research  Methodology
PPM 201                     Consumer Engagement & Management
PPM 202                     Public Relations Strategy
PPM 203                     Protocol Management in Practice
PPM 204                     Public Relations & Protocols Operations Law and Ethics
PPM 205                     Events & Logistics Management
PPM 206                     Public  Relations Practices
PPM 207                     Entrepreneurship & Small Business & Management
PPM 208                     Logistics & Project Management
PPM 209                     Seminars /Research / Professional Presentation

Course Fee
NTuition N 58,000.00 Course Materials N 10,000.00

Course Cordinator

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