The Board, in order to carry out its functions, operates through four committees, the Academic Review Committee, the Finance Committee, the Admission Committee and the Programme Monitoring Committee.

3.1 Academic Review Committee

This is a committee of the Board set up to handle academic activities of the Baord.

   (i) Terms of Reference

  • Review and recommendation of the Course Contents and structure of programme
  •  Consider Proposals for New Programme (s) and recommend, as appropriate to the Board.
  • Comsider examination results and recommend, as appropriate to the Board.
  •  All other academic matters referred to it by the Board.
   (ii) Meetings

The Academic Review Committee holds quarterly meetings, while an emergency meeting may be convened whenever the situation demands.

3.2 Finance Committee

   (i) Terms of Reference

  • Consider annual budgets submitted for the programmes and make recommendations as appropriate to the Board.
  •  Scrutinize HRDB funds use and report to the Board.
  •  Handle all other financial issues directed to it by the Board.
   (ii) Meetings

The Finance Committee holds quarterly meetings, but an emergency meeting may be convened as the need arises.

3.3 Admission Committee

   (i) Terms of Reference

  • Review the list of candidates shortlisted by Programme Coordinators for admission into HRDC Professional Programmes, in accordance with the approved admission criteria.
  • Recommend for Board approval the successful candidates to be offered provisional admission.
  • Handle all other matters, related to admissions directed to it by the Board, including the review of admission requirements.
   (ii) Meetings

The Admission Committee meets monthly to consider recommendations received from the Coordinators of the various professional programmes for admission of eligible candidates who meet the approved advertised criteria.

3.4 Programme Monitoring Committee 

   (i) Terms of Reference

  • Consider the Monitoring and Analysis Report Sheets submitted by the Programme Monitoring Officers and Assistant Programmme Monitoring Officers and make appropriate recommendations the Board.
  • Coordinate the Monitoring exercise and submit quarterly reports to the Board.
  • Handle all issues relating to the Programmes Monitoring exercise as directed to it by the Board.
   (ii) Meetings

The Programme Monitoring Committee meets to consider reports from Monitoring Officers, and submits quarterly reports to the Board with appropriate recommendations on strategies to be adopted to improve on the Programme Monitoring Scheme.